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The Virtual Tea Party Continues on Facebook . . .

Here are more beautiful souls that have joined the tea party on Facebook! There’s still a chance to win one of five autographed copies of Born of Persuasion by adding a picture of you with hat and teacup. (Yes, any hat will do and coffee mugs are allowed, too!)



Check out their amazing blog!

Catherine Pond

You’ve got to visit Catherine’s amazing sites!

Click on the book to learn how you can get a signed copy!


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    Catherine Seiberling Pond

    Hello Jessica,

    I would be happy to do a give-away for THE PANTRY, too, if it suits your month of giveaways. All best and congratulations to you! I have an annual May Day tea party and am thinking of doing a Christmas tea this year, too. But a Facebook tea is a great thing!

    All best, Catherine

  2. This book look sooo incredible, Catherine! I’m emailing you right now 🙂

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