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Corrie Ten Boom


I’ve been thinking about Corrie Ten Boom lately. She was a prisoner in a concentration camp during WWII, and an amazing woman. My favorite quote (thus far) of her’s is:

?There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.?

Some of her work has truly changed her life. So, this morning I ordered some titles of hers that I’ve yet to read:

He Cares for You

Not I, but Christ

Common Sense Not Needed

This last one I’m particularly interested to see what she says, as it’s a theme running through the last book of the trilogy.

I can’t wait!

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    I have yet to read those books you mention above.

    I purchased Tramp for the Lord and then realized its the continuation from The Hiding Place. I normally like to read a series in order so I’m waiting to get my hands on the first book.

    One can really see the hand of God in her life.

  2. Janella,

    You’re going to LOVE Tramp for the Lord. I’ve had the book for years, and have read it more than once. Two of my closest friends are reading the The Hiding Place. You’ll love that book, too!

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