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Letter from 1872

letter1872 I have in my possession some correspondences from the 1800’s but haven’t had time to read them yet. I finally took some time to read this letter. It was so fun, I decided to share it here.

New Germantown, May 31st 1872

Dear Sister,

I suppose you are anxious to hear from home. We are all well as usual, and finished cleaning house yesterday. We had an awful hard shower yesterday morning, we thought it struck the house. It is the only rain have had to do any good, in about six weeks. Trude has been home once since she moved, a week ago today. She drove herself, and took Rob back with her to stay till Sunday.

Mag & I want advice about our summer hats. What are the girls up there wearing? I think white straw is nicer than anything. We will have to get our hats and then our dresses to correspond with them. They say around here the black and White stripped Japanese silks are worn a great deal, something like O’Clask’s was last summer, only not quite so dark. If we get that, I will have my hat trimmed with black lace. I think I will any way. Tell me all about what they wear up there, shape etc and what you would have if you were us. (I want to come up as rigged.)

Trude had a bonnet made. We did think of going to S— after our hats, but don’t think it will pay. Mrs. M. has a very full shop now, and people come there for their hats, from a great distance. She is going to New York the first of the week, she says she will get us any kind of hat we want her to. Do they wear short of long flowers & be sure and answer this letter tomorrow–and let us know all about the hats. H. wants his coat very badly. Send it down with F. tomorrow if he comes or as soon as possible.

Yours in haste,


I hope the dress makers will not disappoint us the first week in July or sooner if possible. If we don’t get her we can’t get anyone. Miss Gullek is so very busy at S—-


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