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Born of Persuasion

Born of Persuasion

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LATER, when I allowed myself to confront the memories, to dwell on the particulars, I realized my arrival at Am Meer marked the beginning.

Not the mysterious letters that drained the life from Mama.

Not her suicide.

And not the two men arriving at dusk, stomping mud from their boots in the foyer, bearing ill tidings.

Nay, not even the disconcerting news that I had a guardian, one who intended to keep me sequestered. For those happenings were not my story. I was sinless there.

They were the end result of events set in motion long before I arrived at the cottage. I could no more have stopped their unfolding than I could have prevented my own birth.

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An intrepid heroine falling for two different men; a plot brimming with secrets, scandal, and suspense; and a richly atmospheric setting are the key ingredients in the first novel in Dotta?s Price of Privilege trilogy. Readers who miss Victoria Holt will swoon with delight upon discovering this retro-gothic winner. -John Charles

This Victorian historical evokes a gothic atmosphere with its dark plots, brooding hero, and innocent heroine (Jane Eyre, anyone?). With crossover appeal for mainstream historical romance fans of Victoria Holt, Dotta’s debut novel will have readers demanding book two immediately.
Library Journal

Born of Persuasion will no doubt make my list of top favorite debuts this year.

The first in a planned trilogy, Jessica Dotta’s Born of Persuasion blends all things Gothic and romantic into a winding tale of intrigue in early 19th-century England. . . Dotta’s style is clearly influenced by the Brontes, and manages to keep the reader engaged through every twist and turn.

“From the outset, it is clear that this Gothic novel is well written with some touching emotions and deep internal conflict of the heroine, Julia. The idiosyncrasies of the early Victorian era and society’s restrictions are well detailed, and the needle sharp dialogue of the two older ladies in the cast is masterful as well as cringe-making in its acerbity. . . ” [Click to Read Full Review]
Historical Novel Review

“This is one book that is impossible to confuse with any other; it is undeniably unique. Dotta establishes suspense and questions from the very first sentence and does not release the reader from the pull of the plot. . . “ [Click to Read Full Review]
The Ramblings of Two Readers

“The riveting tale makes readers feel like Alice falling in the rabbit hole! The twists and turns are unfathomable. . . ” [Click to Read Full Review]

“. . . finding these types of stories (or at least good ones) outside the classics are sadly few and far between. In Jessica Dotta?s debut novel, however, I finally found one I could devour; each page hypnotizing me with its power to uncover what happens next.” [Click to Read Full Review]
-The Silver Petticoat Review

“. . .?Readers who enjoy a taste of classic stylized fiction will enjoy this historical tale of intrigue. There was rarely a passage that went by in which I didn?t recognize elements of Jane Austen deftly transitioning into similarities of Gothic Bronte. Jessica cleverly managed this feat ? impressively so, any fan of the genre should expect a memorable debut.”  [Click to Read Full Review]
reaming Under the Same Moon

“Dotta’s new Price of Privilege series set in the Victorian era has something for all fans of this time period: romance, family secrets, overbearing guardians and even a little laughter.” 
-4 Stars, Romantic Times


“What a fascinating cast of characters Jessica Dotta has created for her debut novel. And the breathless twists and turns this story takes are anything but predictable. Mystery and romance, sins of the past and fears of the future, all combine for a page-turning experience.”
-Liz Curtis Higgs, New York Times best-selling author of Mine Is the Night

“Filled with romantic twists, social intrigue and beautiful writing, Dotta’s Born of Persuasion is an alluring debut that will leave fans of Victorian fiction clamoring for more.”
-Tosca Lee,?New York Times?best-selling author

“BORN OF PERSUASION is the sort of book in which readers of historical fiction long to lose themselves: rich with period detail and full of intrigue and deception. Jessica Dotta skillfully paints a vivid and moving portrait of a young woman who finds herself trapped in a perilous situation, facing surprises at every turn. Fans of Phillipa Gregory and Sarah Dunant will fall in love with this arresting story.”
Tasha Alexander, New York Times best-selling author

“Jessica Dotta is this generation’s Jane Austin but with a twenty-first century voice, and Born of Persuasion is a riveting saga that will keep you turning page after page.”
Novel Rocket

“Jessica Dotta is the most talented writer I know, and Born of Persuasion is among the best novels I’ve ever read. This allegory is beautifully developed and the story descriptive, suspenseful, and absolutely captivating. Her heroine is flawed and vulnerable and as unsure as the reader of what to believe. Not since Jane Eyre, have I wanted to reread a story again and again. I fully expect Ms. Dotta to be a bestseller and her work to be counted among the classics of our time.”
Gina Holmes, award-winning author, Crossing Oceans

“The stylistic approach . . . gives the reader immediacy and a sense of breathlessness. I foresee readers of modern romance falling madly in love with this style. It’s not burdensome and difficult as many older books can be, but alive and real. I felt as if I were reading our beloved Jane Austen and then in the next moment as if it were a cross between Charlotte Bronte and Charles Dickens.”
Louise M Gouge, award-winning historical fiction author

“Absolutely entertaining! Brilliantly written! Lovable flawed characters. Full of witty dialogue that opened windows into a world of intriguing mystery as this author explores love, faith and honor. Jane Austen fans will love this instant classic, that dropped me into all the richness of the Regency/Victorian Era. This author is one to watch.”
The Book Club Network,

“With a voice you’ll love, Jessica Dotta paints a vivid portrait in words, drawing her readers through an unexpected maze of plot twists. Born of Persuasion is a story of betrayal and perseverance, rich with unforgettable characters.”
Cindy Woodsmall, New York Times best-selling author of The Winnowing Season