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Mark of Distinction

Mark of Distinction

THE EIGHT MONTHS following my arrival at Maplecroft have been called one of the greatest cozenages of our age. My father and I have endured endless speculation as to the number of hours poured into its plan and execution.

Truth comprised of bare facts is rarely more flattering than legend. In reality, our sham was little more than a maddash scramble of one improvisation after another. Events kept unfolding, forcing us to take new action, making it impossible to steer from collision.

I am an old woman now. Ancient some days. I had no idea my story would cause such an uproar. When I first penned it, my only intent was to address the rumors of how the entire affair started. I was weary of hearing how I seduced Mr. Macy. As if I, or anyone, could. The very idea is laughable. Long life has its advantages. Your perception grows clearer, even if your sight dims. How much better I now understand the shock Lady Foxmore must have felt during our presentation. Her pretension was unequalled. Yet there I stood, a pale, scrawny girl in rags, chosen by one of the most illustrious men in her circle to be wed to him. It is no wonder she thought it a grand jest. How could she, or anyone who knew Macy intimately, have guessed just how resolute he was upon marrying me?

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June 27, 2014 Fresh Pick – Fresh Pick Fiction!

VERDICT: This dark, dramatic second series entry (after Born of Persuasion) is a brooding and atmospheric tale that may appeal to readers who enjoy Charlotte Bronte.
-Library Journal

Dotta’s talent is benchmarked by how wells he crafts the character of Julia. Readers will feel that they know her, and will see their own reflection in her rash decisions, triumphs, and failures as she struggles to believe, survive and love. She is an unforgettable character in Christian fiction who deserves the entirety of this trilogy devoted to telling her story.

In a word, the series so far is remarkable, but it is so much more than that, as it challenges readers to examine closely the world around them, the faith within them, and foundation below them.